Winter engagement session in the mountains

        Winter engagement session in the mountains

        Marta i Bartosz

        Starting new wedding season in january with this Polish mountains winter couple session was a total blast! Getting out of the comfy slippers and popping right into snowy woods was a great exercise fot both body and spirit. But having such adventurous couple in front of camera made it worth every frozen finger and wet shoes. Matra and Bartosz nailed it in every possible way! We had two days of wandering around, searching for perfect light, having hot tea near the fireplace, gazing at the sky full of stars in the night and listening to the wind whistling through the chimney till the morning. Best. Possible. Scenario. Period.

        Heart of Wood

        Wen I first met Marta and Bartosz at Concept Weddings wedding fare in Wroclaw back in november I kind of knew we’re gona go well together. And I was right! Shortly after we were planning our winter session and they happened to know the owners of this gorgeous wooden cabin called Heart of Wood. Paulina and Michal hosted us in their home and helped us find great spots for photos (Michal is also a photographer). They also run a wood manufacture where they make beautiful wooden furniture. From hudge tables to little pieces such as lamps and cutting boards. So if you’re ever near Czarna Góra (Black Mountain) I strongly recommend you to pay them a visit.

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        Group photo with our Hosts!

        PREV. ITEM Polish mountains post-wedding shoot NEXT ITEM Session in ruins of Coeffin castle Scotland
        Joanna Jaskólska
        12 March 2017




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