Year 2016 in review

        Year 2016 in review: I have to admit 2016 was a wonderful year! I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for over five years now but that last year was a breakthrough for me. I’ve changed a lot. My gear, my postroduction, my approach. Also I’ve met so many wonderful people who helped me sharing their knowledge and great passion for what we do. But it’s been a year of hard working too. I pursued my dream of photographying couples abroad and it resulted in beautiful photos from Norway which ended up beeing poblished in Junebug Weddings. Now I am more than motivated to give my best to my couples and deliver better and better images.

        This is my first time doing a year review and I have to admit it was very hard. Getting rid of so many frames I am personally attached to wasn’t a piece of cake! But here it is – my Year 2016 in review! Grab your headphones and click fulscreen for better experience!


        PREV. ITEM Wesele w Pałacu Warmątowice Sienkiewiczowskie NEXT ITEM Polish mountains post-wedding shoot
        Joanna Jaskólska
        12 March 2017




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