Outdoor wedding in Polish Mountains

        Outdoor wedding in Polish Mountains

        Preparing an outdoor wedding is a big challenge. But preparing an outdoor wedding for 100 people, in Polish mountains, in October is crazy hard! Anita and Łukasz just rocked this! I fell in love with this die hard rock’n’roll couple form the first sight. Their plan was simple: throwing a three-day party for family and friends. Unforgettable party. They found nice hotel in the mountains and rented the whole place. From that moment they could start plotting the big suprise. Of course there was a little bit of stress. An outdoor ceremony in October is like a lottery. But a strong plan “B” and help form loved ones are the best way to win!

        The Big Suprise

        On the wedding day at designated hour everyone was told to appear in front of the hotel dressed up warm and in comfortable shoes. Nobody knew what’s going to happen next. There was no sign of Anita and Łukasz anywhere. Under the leadership of bride’s and goom’s parents the group headed towards the woods. After 15 minutes walk they reached a small hill with benches and path made of heath in the middle. When everyone got in their place a loud noise of the engine was heard – a big offroad car approached. The couple and officiants got out of it and the ceremony could begin. The suprise plan succeeded!

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        Joanna Jaskólska
        1 March 2018



        Piękna ceremonia, świetne – ciepłe zdjęcia. Brawo !

        Joanna Jaskólska

        Dziękuję! 🙂


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