Wedding Photographer Scotland Lismore Island

        Wedding Photographer Scotland Lismore Island

        Six months after our session in Norway (published by Junebug Weddings) Agata and Krystian invited me to their new home in Scotland. We couldn’t resist a little session 🙂 Since we didn’t have a car we had to stick to places near their home. After some googling I found nice little castle ruins on Lismore Island, just about 40 mins ferry ride from Agata and Krustian’s. It looked very promising on the internet. But when we got there it just bew our minds! It is a truly isolated, green little paradise 🙂 But there’s also been some difficulties…  When we reached Lismore we discovered there’s no public transport to take us to the castle. It took us way longer to get to the ruins than we planned. When we finally arrived it became clear we have only 30 minutes for the session and than we have to hurry to catch the last ferry back. And that’s how the session in ruins of coeffin castle was made. I hope the photos will take you to this magical place on earth if only for a couple of minutes.


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        Joanna Jaskólska
        19 May 2017



        Świetne! Aż chce się w kółko oglądać!

        Asia Jaskólska

        Dziękuję! <3

        Piękne, pomyslowe, poetyczne.

        Asia Jaskólska

        Dziękuję! 🙂


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