Wedding  Photographer Wrocław – Haston

        Wedding  Photographer Wrocław – Haston

        Wedding  Photographer Wrocław – Haston. I’ve known Magda since we studied together at the Univwersity of Economics in our hometown – Wroclaw. When she told me she wanted me to be her photographer I was really happy. Preparations for the ceremony took place in elegant interiors of Haston Hotel. Magda chose a bouquet made with pink peonies form La Vida to finish her stylization and it looked perfect! The Groom chose handmade cufflinks made entirely from parts of vintage hand watches. They looked amazing getting off the car right before the ceremony. They picked big gothic church – a Franciskan Monastery. I know that church wery well since I attended there as a little girl. It was a real pleasure to teturn there as a photographer. After the ceremony the couple ald all the guests went back to the Hotel to eat drink and dance till the break of dawn.

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        Joanna Jaskólska
        14 October 2016




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